IFLA Library Map of the World is a representative source of basic library statistics and a robust tool for providing a worldwide comparison of different library  performance metrics, mapped by country level data.

In March 2017, IFLA launched the Library Map of the World 2017 Survey to collect a basic set of library performance metrics from as many countries as possible and to make a visualisation of the data for all to use. The data visualisation website will be launched at IFLA WLIC 2017 in Wrocław, Poland in August 2017.

Libraries are leading promoters and providers of free access to all types of information to all citizens. To show the potential of the global library field, the Library Map of the World will feature all types of libraries, including national, academic, public, community, school, and special libraries. The initial set of performance metrics include number of libraries, number of libraries providing internet access, number of staff and volunteers, number of registered users and visitors, and number of loans.

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