Library Data: Education & Events

Professional Qualification Requirements

In many countries, to become a librarian one would usually need to have formal qualifications (e.g. a diploma in library and information studies (LIS), an undergraduate library qualification, or an undergraduate degree in any subject and a postgraduate degree in LIS or accredited certification). Some librarian positions may additionally require specific subject knowledge or expertise, or certain in-job experience. Sometimes professional registration for librarians is required to be eligible working in the LIS sector. Information included on the LMW Country Page describes formal professional qualification requirements for library staff (usually set by law or issued by statutory body in the library field in country).


Education for librarians is often referred to as Library and Information Science (sometimes given as the plural library and information sciences) which is the term associated with schools of library and information science (abbreviated to “SLIS”) or schools of librarianship. In some countries, the term “documentation science” is the preferred name of the field, where information science and communication studies form one interdisciplinary field. In some places, the fields of archival science, library science and museology, have been integrated as archival, library and museum (abbreviated to “ALM”) studies. In addition, lately the tendency is to use all the terms of “library science” and “information science” as synonyms or to drop the term “library” and to speak about information departments or so called I-schools. Information included on the LMW Country Pages refers to the LIS education system in its broadest sense, including any institutions providing LIS education and/or training programmes in the library field in a country.

Professional Publications

Professional publications (e.g. professional journals or professional magazines) are important in the transfer of information. Professional publications for librarians provide a forum for communication within the profession as well as serve as a source of practical information for library professionals (e.g. provide popularized or simplified information on scientific research or trends and discoveries; or communicate up-to-date information about current events for library professionals), which drives informed decisions and development through sharing and learning from research or peer experience. Professional publications listed on the LMW Country Pages are professional journals or magazines which are published at regular intervals throughout the year by professional organisations in the library field in country.

Professional Events

Professional events (e.g. annual conferences or annual meetings) provide a platform to exchange a usable content on relevant topics, help to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and changes that are occurring in the library field, as well as encourage networking with other professionals. Professional events listed on the LMW Country Pages are professional conferences or congresses (general or targeted at a specific library type) which are organized at regular intervals (e.g. annual or biennial) by professional organisations in the library field in country.